Friday, August 23, 2013

NE Queen's Appearance: Helen Theater and Elvis Tribute Show with Chris Monteith

Natural Elegance does a lot of community work, more so than just Queens' Appearances, but we do, do them! I fell in love with The Helen Theatre when Jennifer Stalcup took it over and brought it back to life! Still, with it being shut down for so long, it was taking time to get the word out it was back up and running. I have a great love for the arts and always have, another plus my sweet Mother instilled in me growing up. 

On this weekend, I had a spur of the moment idea to gather a few queens, have the volunteer their time and get out in the town and pass out some fliers for the show that night. In return, they would get an AWESOME appearance opportunity :)

 Our Elvis for Miss Burnin' Love was performing that night, so all the families were offered half off tickets and the girls were in for a SWEET surprise!

The girls were the little stars of the show that night!!! They were sang to by Elvis and were the Scarf Queens of the show!

Our little Queens were taken onstage by Elvis and introduced in front of everyone! 

They had another photo opp with Elvis and Ann Margret!

 It was a very fun afternoon! We went to Wendy's and took up most of the dining area!

Some Tourists wanted their pictures taken with the girls :)
Thanks to the Mamas for bringing the girls out on such short notice, but they helped a community theater and were able to make some really neat and unique memories! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miss Diamond Darling 2013

June 29, 2013 NE held Miss Diamond Darling at Cha Cha's Event Hall in Cleveland, GA. This was a cheaper, $55/$75 pageant, but as you can see, we had awards that were still absolutely stunning!Full round crowns, Diamond Supreme crowns and about 100 more tiaras were awarded that day with cheetah print embroidered sashes.

This was a pretty large pageant, with one of the cutest OOC's we've ever had....PIN-UP girls!

Photogenic and Portfolio winners were awarded with their own tiaras.

As was Best Divisional Pin-up wear! Crowns were everywhere!

We could not have had a cuter OOC! Look at these girls! 

Thanks to the wonderful mamas who always get great shots of the girls for me!

Proud girls, happy for each other in their divisions!

Our ONE OF A KIND buffets complete with themed cake pops and a cheetah cake!!

This little one below has been competing with me since the very beginning, her name is Harmony and she is one of the sweetest little gals we have! She had NEVER queened with us in over a year and a half until this pageant! She rocked it out and we were all so proud and happy for her! 

The little stinker below, Lily, had always princessed with us....and she Supremed at this pageant! 

 Sweet Bella got to go to Babyland after the pageant!

Yep, someone has to mush me up at each one and here they did again! Gifts and from the heart! These are both displayed in my house :)

Miss Diamond Darling was a FABULOUS pageant! I'm thinking of doing it again next year....OOC's were just too cute! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Queen's Excursion: Helen, GA Sleepover

 I really should have lots more of these. Our 2nd Queen's Excursion: Helen GA

Billy and I wanted to do something different and fun for the girls this time. We decided to open our home and let them come crash here and we would show them the little town of Helen for some fun! We just built a huge fire pit in the side of the mountain where we live and we are a minute's walk from downtown. 

I broke out all the nail polish, hair tinsel, feather extensions, hot chocolate and snacks I could find and let them have had it! We had hotdogs over the fire with smores that night :)

They had a blast riding the roller racers....thank you, Jesus for a large space for them to ride them....they were dangerous!
We took them to Stoval Bridge and let them sign it and swim for a bit. My girls know what we stand for! "Natural Elegance: Classy not trashy!" 

Here they are all piled up on our hammock. We drug out the tent and they set it up on our deck......and slept in it until the rain came and washed them out. 

We also took them to the Mountain Laurel Festival in Habersham county where we let them get some goodies and CrAzy hair.

I am so blessed not only with this system, but with my husband. He is such a good male figure for these girls. He is there at every event and he loves them as his own. 

Thank you to the mamas for letting the girls come! They really did have such a good time! 

This is such an awesome perk of NE and it is unique to our system!

Natural Elegance Governor's Meeting: Miss NE Anniversary Queens 2013

 SO PROUD OF THIS! This was NE's very first Governor's meeting! We took the Queens and Supremes from our Anniversary Pageant. What an honor these girls had! 

Such sweet spirited kids, they were so sweet to each other while we were waiting, here is Layla helping Paisley with her big 'ole crown :)

 Mackenzie and Greyson playing Peek-A-Boo!

We made sure all the girls signed the Guest Book.

NE is supportive of all systems who have pretty much the same vision as we do....THE CHILDREN AS THE CENTER FOCUS. We met up with 2 other systems and combined all our girls and supported each other while we were there! 

This was such an awesome day! Very proud for these gorgeous young ladies! I hope they will take these memories and cherish them!