Monday, December 31, 2012

Miss Frosty Empress: Winter Online Pageant

NE has only done two Online Pageants so far. This was by far, our largest and most fun one! I've started something new! I will be giving away participation custom medals to each and every contestant that enters! There are all new titles and awards, as well! 

The crown chosen for our Empress was absolutely STUNNING! 6 inches of pure stones! 

Empress Crown

Our Poor Judge, Debbie Hope, owner of Eclipse Photography Studio, had a TERRIBLE time trying to judge all the gorgeous girls who entered! Here are her credentials! We were so very lucky to have her! 

Debbie Hope of Eclipse Photography: Debbie is owner and principal photographer of Eclipse Photography in Gainesville GA, which she also calls home. For the past 21 years she has photographed kids, families, business people and high school seniors, her specialty. She also shoots for several Atlanta Modeling Agencies including Babes and beaus and Click. Once a year, Eclipse hosts many local and aspiring models and actors. Over the years her model search folks have been featured in print work, commercials, tv and movies.

Congratulations to each and every girl! Here are our winners!

Anna Loren wins a gorgeous pink colored super stoned 6" crown, sash and $30 off into ANY large pageant. Congratulations!

Our 1st Duchess Miss Frosty Empress is Miss Madison! Madison will receive a tiara and $10 off into ANY large pageant! Congratulations!!

Our 2nd Duchess Miss Frosty Empress Tiffany will receive a tiara and $10 off into ANY large pageant! Congratulations!

We have announced our new Online Pageant for January! Check out our Facebook page for details! 

Bell Minor Nursing Home: Christmas Visit

On December 15, an amazing group of Queens and Alternates gathered together for a few hours to visit the residents at Bell Minor Nursing Home in Gainesville, Georgia! Each child made at least 20 crafts to bring!

Our Queens and Alternates with Director, Ashley Johnson
It is so hard for some of us to understand why doing these nursing homes visits are so special and important. Many of the residents are at these homes, alone all year with very few or no visitors at all. Most of them LOVE children. Their little faces just lit up when they saw all these beautiful girls! The coordinator at Bell Minor actually allowed us to meet in the dining area, where they gathered a lot of the residents so we didn't have to just go door to door. This way, the kids were able to talk, hug and sing Christmas Carols! Afterwards, we did go door to door to see the residents who maybe couldn't make it down to the dining area or who were just hanging out in their rooms. 

It was more than touching to see some of the residents just sitting in their wheelchairs, staring at all the goodies they were given. One lady had tears in her eyes and told the girls that they had given her her first Christmas card, and it may very well have been her only one. 

I saw several girls transform from being nervous and scared to being warm, loving and caring. Those same girls who were nervous are now already making crafts for our Valentine's visit! Lives are changing in every direction!

All our Mamas! 
 I am so thankful to Sabrina, the coordinator and to Brianna, who works there also. Brianna explained to the girls why their visit was so special and how they performed a Biblical act by doing what Jesus has commanded. In a way, that day, they took care of the sick and elderly. Made my heart burst with love and appreciation.
Brianna talking with all the girls and explaining why their visit was so important. 
We come into this world as babies, and we leave this world as babies. Thank you to ALL who had a part in this day. It's etched in the hearts of many forever! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1st Annual Miss Beauty in the Barn: A Christmas Pageant

On December 9, 2012 Natural Elegance hosted its First Annual Miss Beauty in the Barn. I will say the atmosphere at this pageant was like none other. Everyone is getting acquainted to how things go and it was truly like a family atmosphere. Very laid back and no drama, as usual! I was SUPER nervous about this one only being because I had a TOTAL of 2 hours to set up completely....that is not good for someone who likes to decorate! With the help of some awesome people, we got it done and it looked amazing! 

Our setup! 

Every, little detail

The awards were stunning. Countless hours of budgeting and getting every little detail perfect. I wanted to make these awards unbelievably special for Christmas! We had 3.5 inch and 5 inch gorgeous round crowns, velvet sashes with metallic gold embroidery, velvet and fur capes and custom trophies! All of them were purely amazing!
5 inch Full Round Crowns for Supremes

Thick Velvet Sashes

Our GORGEOUS Frocked Christmas tree perfectly displayed our Best Divisional Christmas wear tiaras and OOC participation medals! 

Best Divisional OOC and OOC participation medals
Awards Tree for Christmas Wear

3 inch Full Round Crowns, thick velvet sashes and trophy for Queens

Queen Crowns

I'm so glad I chose Jaemor Farm Barn for this venue. We will be having it here every year! Perfect size for 3 subpageants and the setup was just adorable! The kids were able to play in the loft and perfect room for them to dance and have a good time!

Our Annual Venue

Custom Trophies

Christmas Buffet

Our themed buffet was, of course, Christmas! Thank you to Kim Moss and Pam Taylor for helping with some goodies! We were just about wiped cleaned by the end of the night! 

My famous marshmallow! 

Our crew. My AWESOME sound man, my registration crew, my line-up babydoll, my auditor and my side kicks! We are missing my beautiful and loving Emcee, Angela!  

Special guests, Darline Rodriguez and Nicole Columbo, both Directors of their own systems! 

Our Natural Elegance Family, minus our Gorgeous Emcee, Angela

Brianna typically lines my girls up at every pageant, but this time was special. She was our entertainment and she was ADORED! That tiny little gal has a set of lungs on her! She does have her own CD out and it is phenomenal! 

Brianna entertaining during intermission 

I made our People's Choice extra special this time! The kids had a fit over the bears! I also offered full round rounds and their very own sash!

People's Choice: Full Round Crowns, Sash and 5 foot Teddies!

We are finally offering door events! Below are our adorable Christmas crowns that were given away to the Grande OOC! 

Grande OOC Door Event Crowns!
Alternates, Princesses


These girls had a blast! They danced their hearts out and made friends! They killed the Christmas buffet and enjoyed making memories! This is what it's all about and the hearts of many were warmed that night! Below are some pics of our girls! 


All the girls would go dance during our break

<3 Stress free <3

Director, Ashley Johnson with Samantha

Director, Ashley Johnon with Kailee

Kenlee with her People's Choice!

Director, Ashley Jonson with Layla

Little Jasmine

At crowning! 

Director, Ashley Johnson with Amarya

Cute little Ayda

Ava and Anna Loren, pageant loves

Chesnie after crowning

Diva baby! 

 Thank you all so much for coming. A HUGE and SPECIAL thanks to everyone who helped that morning and the rest of the day! I couldn't have done it without you! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Queen for a Day: Sidney Strickland

 Natural Elegance is a different system in so many ways. I knew when I started this I wanted a system that was "different". Not just in how it is ran, but in the type of work that would eventually be expected out of our Queens. I didn't want us to just take up money a few pageants and donate. I knew I wanted us to GET OUT THERE and get our hands dirty. What better way to teach our kids the true meaning of giving than to actually let them see it and be a part first hand? 

After talking with one of our Queen's mothers about a family friend whose daughter was battling a very rare form of cancer, NE decided to help in some way. 

We raised $100 at the Halloween pageant for the family strictly off of donated money at the door and decided to start our permanent "Queen for a Day". 

Our "Queen for a Day" days will consist of visiting a girl much less fortunate or sick, make her a Queen and directly welcome her into the NE family. We ask for a list of some of their favorite items and those will be purchased along with an official NE shirt, a sewn sash and a crown. 

Sidney Strickland was our first recipient! Here is a little more information on her :) 

Sidney is a Senior at Jackson County Comprehensive High School in Jefferson, GA. She is a varsity football cheerleader, and is very active in the youth group at Pond Fork Baptist Church. Sidney was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma on March 5, 2012 at the age of 16. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer affecting only approximately 250 people in the US every year.
Her first treatment of chemotherapy was postponed until after Sidney's 17th birthday on March 20, 2012. Sidney has to be hospitalized every other week for chemotherapy, alternating between three and five day stays. She also had 31 days of radiation (along with chemo) beginning in July. Her radiation is now complete and she continues her chemo treatments. Due to the chemo, radiation, and other complications, Sidney has spent more time in the hospital than she’s spent at home since her diagnosis.
Sidney has a very positive outlook on this life changing milestone as she knows God is in control. She also has a very supportive family, along with a spectacular church family, amazing loving friends, and a wonderful community surrounding her during this journey.

This day is set in stone within my heart and the hearts of 5 other girls. Our system isn't just about taking home awards and having fun for a few hours, it's about getting out there and teaching these children they can help and change lives of people right here in our communities. NE will specialize in community services and the help of others within the family is expected. It only takes a few hours out of one day to change someone's life or help them forget they are sick. 
This was a wonderful day!

Director, Ashley Johnson, Hannah Faith, Kendall, Mackenzie  Sydney and Samantha with all the items bought and collected for Sidney

Sidney and Samantha
Sidney opening some gifts

Sidney and Sydney :) Both of these girls have struggled with cancer and both are STRONG young women. 

Surprising Sidney with her gorgeous crown :) 
Presenting Sidney with her own official  NE shirt with her name from Kim Moss and Layla.
Sashing Sidney :) 

Sidney and Hannah Faith, Hannah's "Sid"
Group shot of ALL the Queens :) ! 

Hanging out with Sid
<3 !

Pageant friends <3