Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mister and Miss Rockabilly!

Our July 2012 pageant was the one and only, Mister and Miss Rockabilly! Some people were very curious as to how this pageant was going to come off. I had planned to have a true Elvis impersonator perform and try out custom crowns. I was a bit nervous how people were going to perceive this one, but i knew it would be fun and different and the kids would have a blast!

By the time pageant week rolled around, we ended up with an almost full pageant, just 4 shy from being full, and an absolutely amazing stage set up with amazing awards!

GORGEOUS awards and set up!

Custom crowns and sashes made from fabric purchased directly from Elvis Presley's Graceland! 
It was time for pageant 1 to start. Low and behold, I end up having a heart spell. I have several electrical problems wrong with my heart and when a spell happens, an ER visit is necessary to bring my heart back to normal. So off I went, having to leave my family, judges and volunteers to direct this production! They did BEAUTIFULLY! My judges pulled together, my family and workers ran the pageant and  I ended up bringing on a permanent MC, Angela Martin. I made it back just in time for Pageant 2 to start! I was so heartbroken I didn't get to see my babies get crowned in Pageant 1. Broke. My. Heart. However, I am still so thankful for everyone who was a part that day. If not for all of you, it could have went to shambles!

Harold Schulz, who was our Elvis, was truly remarkable. He not only put on a great show, but he was WONDERFUL with our girls! He would play with them backstage and  take pictures with anyone! I couldn't have asked for anyone any better!
One of our Queens, Tiffany and myself!

Queen Kendall with our Elvis!
 I decided at this pageant to start doing participation tiaras at these big pageants to go along with the participation trophies and ribbon sashes. This way, each and every single girl feels special, yet there is still competition to win those big custom crowns, as you can see below on Mackenzie, one of our Supreme winners!
Ava was one of our Supreme winners!

Supreme Queen, Mackenzie!
 I saw so many smiling faces at the end of each pageant! It was pure bliss! The kids had a blast! That my friends, is what it's all about! I say this a million times, yes, pageantry is a competition, but if those girls and guys don't have a good time and feel special, it isn't worth it!
Proud and having fun after the pageant! Pageant friends <3

Divisional Queen, Samantha!

The Rockabilly pageant was a HUGE success and I'm debating on having it as a yearly pageant. I had such a good time and enjoyed seeing every single girl and guy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1st Annual Mister and Miss Natural Elegance

So here was our very first pageant under the Natural Elegance name! The 1st Annual Mister and Miss Natural Elegance pageant at the Georgia Mountain Center Theater!

I was so excited about this first pageant. I knew I wanted to offer stunning awards at an affordable cost, even if that meant I would go in hole just a tad. This first pageant was very important to me.

I had anticipated and prayed for 20 girls for this first one. Being in pageantry my entire life, I had been in some with 10 and some with 100 or more. We ended up with almost 70 girls and guys! I was astonished and so grateful. It went pretty smoothly for the amount of contestants and the time frame we had.

The awards were beautiful and the stage was stunning. This is where the first of the Natural Elegance family actually started.

We had amazing crowns, absolutely GORGEOUS sashes, logo-ed gift bags filled with gifts and sashes for every side award. UNHEARD of for a $50 entry!We split 3 divisions and had a full boy's group!

Seeing the faces of those kids absolutely made my heart fill with so much joy! It was time to start working on our next pageant! Mister and Miss Rockabilly!