Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Ever NE Coaching Camp!

I've had tons and tons of people who have asked me to coach their children. So I got the idea to put a group of girls together, offer something that is different and unique, give them a chance to have some one on one time with me and a special guest and have some fun!

Alas, the Natural Elegance Coaching Camp was born!

I am only accepting 20 children to ensure they get enough time to learn. They will be fed lunch and have a mach pageant at the end for "graduation" where they each will receive a tiara and ribbon sash. This is not offered anywhere else, YET! 

Different age groups will be for each camp. These will be held every other month on the months we have our practice polished pageants!

There are limited slots and they are going fast already! Venue will be announced in the coming month, but will be somewhere around the Gainesville area and we will hopefully keep that venue for each one! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mister and Miss Sweet Treats: September Polished Pageant

Our first Polished Pageant! Mister and Miss Sweet Treats! This sucker went off with a BANG!!!! For those wondering, Natural Elegance has started Polished pageants on our off months from our Lavish pageants. These are low entry, practice pageants with titles and awards. These give the girls and guys an awesome way to add some titles and awards to their shelves and get some stage presence practice in! Again, we were not expecting the turn out we had for this one. Both subpageants, only standing room left. 

These are for the sole purpose of allowing anyone to compete and feel comfortable. There is no pressure and I line up and work with the girls back stage. 

I LOVED this pageant. I wish we could do these every month. 

The awards were ADORABLE and still high quality and competitive and much better than a lot of others out there. Each contestant at least received a trophy, alternates received a ribbon sash and trophy and the Queens and King received a crown, sewn printed sash and trophy. 

Here are a couple of our Queens in the older divisions. Love my girls! 

The atmosphere was SO LAID back! The kids were comfortable and had a great time! They were able to make friends and be RELAXED! 

We had a full candy buffet with drinks through out the entire pageant. Adorable set up and cheap! 

As always, we offered our Tiny Mister division for our little guys and crowned a King! 

Experienced and NEW contestants are always welcome.  

Smiling faces no matter what! Proud mamas and happy kids! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who made our first Polished pageant a GREAT and an unbelievable success! We have included these into our system permanently. Mister and Miss Apple Orchard is next in November!