Monday, November 26, 2012

Queen for a Day: Sidney Strickland

 Natural Elegance is a different system in so many ways. I knew when I started this I wanted a system that was "different". Not just in how it is ran, but in the type of work that would eventually be expected out of our Queens. I didn't want us to just take up money a few pageants and donate. I knew I wanted us to GET OUT THERE and get our hands dirty. What better way to teach our kids the true meaning of giving than to actually let them see it and be a part first hand? 

After talking with one of our Queen's mothers about a family friend whose daughter was battling a very rare form of cancer, NE decided to help in some way. 

We raised $100 at the Halloween pageant for the family strictly off of donated money at the door and decided to start our permanent "Queen for a Day". 

Our "Queen for a Day" days will consist of visiting a girl much less fortunate or sick, make her a Queen and directly welcome her into the NE family. We ask for a list of some of their favorite items and those will be purchased along with an official NE shirt, a sewn sash and a crown. 

Sidney Strickland was our first recipient! Here is a little more information on her :) 

Sidney is a Senior at Jackson County Comprehensive High School in Jefferson, GA. She is a varsity football cheerleader, and is very active in the youth group at Pond Fork Baptist Church. Sidney was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma on March 5, 2012 at the age of 16. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer affecting only approximately 250 people in the US every year.
Her first treatment of chemotherapy was postponed until after Sidney's 17th birthday on March 20, 2012. Sidney has to be hospitalized every other week for chemotherapy, alternating between three and five day stays. She also had 31 days of radiation (along with chemo) beginning in July. Her radiation is now complete and she continues her chemo treatments. Due to the chemo, radiation, and other complications, Sidney has spent more time in the hospital than she’s spent at home since her diagnosis.
Sidney has a very positive outlook on this life changing milestone as she knows God is in control. She also has a very supportive family, along with a spectacular church family, amazing loving friends, and a wonderful community surrounding her during this journey.

This day is set in stone within my heart and the hearts of 5 other girls. Our system isn't just about taking home awards and having fun for a few hours, it's about getting out there and teaching these children they can help and change lives of people right here in our communities. NE will specialize in community services and the help of others within the family is expected. It only takes a few hours out of one day to change someone's life or help them forget they are sick. 
This was a wonderful day!

Director, Ashley Johnson, Hannah Faith, Kendall, Mackenzie  Sydney and Samantha with all the items bought and collected for Sidney

Sidney and Samantha
Sidney opening some gifts

Sidney and Sydney :) Both of these girls have struggled with cancer and both are STRONG young women. 

Surprising Sidney with her gorgeous crown :) 
Presenting Sidney with her own official  NE shirt with her name from Kim Moss and Layla.
Sashing Sidney :) 

Sidney and Hannah Faith, Hannah's "Sid"
Group shot of ALL the Queens :) ! 

Hanging out with Sid
<3 !

Pageant friends <3 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mister and Miss Fanciful Fright!

Saturday, October 27 was our big Halloween pageant! We were just a couple of girls short of a FULL pageant, AGAIN! You guys are amazing! This was NE's 3rd big pageant and it was amazing! I had custom crowns, custom blinged out medals, custom sashes and custom trophies made! 
Custom Queen Web Crowns
Awards table
One of the things that really makes NE stand out is how we award our alternates and Princesses. Not only do the Queens and Supremes leave feeling with a HUGE sense of accomplishment, so do the alternates and Princesses. I award alternate crowns, sashes and descending trophies and my Princesses also receive a participation tiara, sash and smaller trophy. It is still competition because they can see those larger crowns and trophies on the table, however, they are still able to take home some gorgeous awards and can be proud no matter what!
Alternate Crowns

Custom trophies

Supreme Custom Crowns

Our Supreme Center Piece! 
 This pageant was also special and a huge milestone for NE because I was able to offer NE logo'ed t-shirts and hoodies to everyone at a low cost with GREAT quality. Pure pink Glitter or Embroidery are available!
Our first time adding in the NE shirts! 
 We have also started offering People's choice! This was Isabella, sporting our gorgeous PC crown :)
People's Choice! 

 We have started offering themed buffets at venues that allow refreshments. The kids absolutely ADORE them! We had all kinds of candy, oreo spiders, doughnut eyeballs and so much more!
Full Halloween Buffet

OOC for Mister and Miss Fanciful Fright was "Fright Wear" and boy did these girls show me out! They all looked so great and really put so much thought into their outfits! They all did AMAZING! 

 I cannot begin to thank our NE family for another wonderful pageant! I feel so blessed to know each one of you and love seeing the familiar faces return! We had a few new girls in this one as well and I can't wait to see you all back at Christmas!

 Love you guys so much and thank you all again! I had a BLAST! This was def one of our best!