Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day and Easter Bell Minor Nursing Home Visit

Sunday, March 17, Saint Patrick's Day, Natural Elegance and some of it's girls attended the monthly Bell Minor Nursing Home visit. 

As usual, we met our sweet Brianna there for our opening statement and we have started a new tradition of starting our visits off with a group prayer. 

Usually, I ask all the girls to bring with them at least 20 crafts. This time, I asked they bring around 10 because we were doing something a little different this time. We also made crafts with the residents in the big eating hall at the beginning of our visit. Without violating HIPAA, we were able to catch some sweet shots of the girls making their crafts :) Even my sweet hubby joined in with them!


Again, we want to give a HUGE thank you to Sabrina and Brianna for allowing us to spend a little time with the residents. The girls look forward to each visit and we are getting more newbies each time!

After our visit and the girls had visited with everyone, I took them out for Shamrock Shakes! Sad to say, McDonalds was all out, so they got chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, I think I was more disappointed than they were! It was a good day and the kids had a blast. They were able to give back to those less fortunate and then spend a little time together afterwards. They have a TRUE sisterhood with NE and its truly growing. I love these girls more than anything!